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Top 5 Best Forex Signals Groups

March 24, 2022
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There are different forex signals groups in the market. It is sometimes difficult to choose the best one to trade currencies. This is why we have decided to create the top 5 best forex signals groups’ guide that would give you a clear idea of which are the best companies operating in this industry. 

Traders from all over the world are already enjoying some of the best trading solutions offered by the top 5 best forex signals groups in the market. However, we need to get additional details about them and how they have been offering solutions to investors for several years now. 

In the next sections, we will get into the details of what signals groups are, how forex trading works and which are the top 5 best forex signals groups in the market. Additionally, we will tell you the advantages and disadvantages of each of them and how you can start trading with them. 

What are Signals Groups?

Let’s start from the basics: What are signals groups? The term signal became popular as a buy or sell order that can be shared by trading signals groups in the market. These signals are usually shared through different messaging platforms such as Telegram and refer to different markets. 

Usually, we find trading groups that share trading signals for different assets, including stocks, commodities, currencies and cryptocurrencies. Indeed, you can also find trading signals groups that will share index or gold signals, among other things. 

But you should take into consideration one thing. That you are in a trading signals group does not mean that you will make money. Trading signals groups would only share information about which are good opportunities to enter or exit a trade. Accuracy can be very high, but you should know that there are no guarantees. 

When using a signals group, you will also get additional information about the trades. For example, you can get the entry price point and the asset that you would be able to buy or sell. Then, you get different take profit levels and stop-loss to reduce the risk of your position. Furthermore, some trading signals groups will be sharing additional information such as the percentage of your funds to use in this position. 

Some signals groups are nowadays allowing users to connect their trades with bots. This is the easiest way for traders to be able to execute their trades without having to be worried about being in front of the screen all the time. These trading bots would simply use the information shared by the trading group (i.e. the signals shared) and execute them on your behalf using the broker that you like the most. 

If you trade virtual currencies, the trading bot would then be connected to the exchange via an API. This is the easiest way to execute these trades and to follow forex trading signals. 

What is Forex Trading?

Now that we know what trading signals are, we can start with forex trading and how it works. Forex trading is the act of speculating on the value of currencies by trading them in the Forex market. Forex markets are available to many traders and investors, but Forex trading is a specialized field that one should get educated about before even considering participating. 

The following guide will not only explain what Forex trading is, it will also dispel common myths about this type of investment and provide you with a look at some of the benefits that can come with a successful trade. 

Some of the currencies that you would be able to trade in the forex market include the US Dollar (USD) or Japanese Yen (JPY). Other currencies include the Euro (EUR) or the British Pound (GBP) It's important to note that this type of investment deals with money. 

The best way to minimize risk is to educate yourself on the subject and take the proper steps before signing any contracts.

Forex markets are open to many different kinds of traders and investors. They are available all over the world, 24 hours a day, 5 days a week (Forex Markets are closed on weekends).

Forex markets are not traded on a physical commodity like gold or silver, they are instead traded on paper.  But the funny thing is, Forex isn't actually paper.  It's actually software.

Why are Forex Markets Important?

The reason why currency trading is so popular is that it's good for many different things. The obvious one is, it's profitable! Every single market has its own benefits and drawbacks, but we're going to focus mainly on the positives here.

The main reason why Forex is so profitable is that it's decentralized. It's not controlled by one government or one central bank.  This means that the Forex market has more freedom and more competition than any of the other commodities and financial markets.

The Forex market is also very liquid compared to many other financial markets. This means that you can buy and sell currencies very quickly with the help of modern technology used in the trading process.

Top 5 Best Forex Signals Groups

Let’s now focus on the top 5 best forex signals groups in the market and how they can offer us some of the best services when it comes to trading signals. We should focus on finding the top 5 best forex signals groups with the best VIP price, regular reports, and compatibility with bots. 

This would help us have access to some of the most accurate and reliable trading signals for the forex market. Additionally, we should also pay close attention to the solutions that they offer. Without further ado, let’s get into the top 5 best forex signals groups. 


ApexBull is definitely among the top 5 best forex signals groups in the market. They are currently offering markets trading signals from Wall Street traders with over two decades of experience. 

It is definitely not easy to start trading in the forex market. This is where ApexBull will share some of the most accurate trading signals in the market. They are currently offering Forex and Gold signals with compatibility for the MT4 trading platform. 

Over the last months, they have registered very positive results with more than 7,000 pips some months. This shows that they are among the most profitable trading groups in the market. Additionally, they release regular reports that let investors have a detailed idea of which were the most profitable trades during a certain month. 


- It is among the top 5 best forex signals groups in the market

- ApexBull shares trading signals from Wall Street traders

- They have over 2 decades of experience in traditional financial markets

- Some months they have over 7,000 pips of PNL

- ApexBull shares other types of services and solutions for traders

- MT4 supported


- They only work in English

- It take some time for them to monthly upload reports


AltSignals is another popular forex trading signals group in the market. The company has been working for over 5 years and they became a clear leader in the cryptocurrency market. Moreover, when it comes to financial markets, they are also offering forex trading signals for investors. 

The company has been working over the last years and it had incredible results in the cryptocurrency market offering different types of signals to investors from all over the world. One positive thing is that they are also one of the largest trading groups in the world with over 50,000 followers in just one of their trading groups on Telegram. 

AltSignals is also sharing technical and fundamental analysis for investors to understand why some of the signals get triggered. This is just simply better than having trading signals without any context. Furthermore, the team behind this trading signals group coaches and helps the clients place trades and profit in the long term. Finally, they work with different trading platforms, including MetaTrader4 (MT4) and different cryptocurrency exchanges for investors that work with a wide range of digital assets. 

Furthermore, AltSignals shares regular reports in order for investors to get the latest information in the market. 


- This is one of the oldest trading signal channels on Telegram

- The team has a large experience offering trading signals in the market

- They offer not only forex signlas but also crypto trading solutions

- AltSignals shares monthly reports with investors

- Currently, AltSignals has more than 50,000 traders

- Several platforms are supported

- Cornix trading bot supported

- Affordable prices


- Supoprt hours work 20/7 rather than 24/7

BullDog Signals

BullDog Signals is now offering investors some of the best real-time forex signals in the market. The team behind BullDog Signals has more than ten years of expertise in the trading industry and in the forex market. Basically, they are called the BullDogs of the forex market. 

Users can easily join the Telegram Group where they share some free signals and that lets investors understand how this trading group works. Over the last years, they have been sharing solutions with investors from different countries, helping them get their profit targets trading in the forex market. 

BullDog signals is considered to be one of the top 5 best forex signals groups in the world thanks to its trajectory (a team with over 10 years of experience) and its proven ability to offer consistently profitable signals to trade different currencies in the market. 

This top 5 best forex signals group is focusing on all forex pairs. The team and their algorithms scan the markets every single day to find the best opportunities ever. There is no trading pair that they don’t cover. From AUDCHF to EURUSD to USDCAD, among others. 

Moreover, they have the best signals for the forex market in the industry, this is why they became so respected and trusted as a trading signals group. Additionally, they have a worldwide community with 25k members. 


- They offer affordable signals for forex traders

- They have 24/7 support available

- Step by step walk through 

- Affordable pricing

- 10 years of experience trading signals

- Daily trading signals for different forex trading pairs

- Most forex trading pairs available


- They focus only on the forex market

- BullDog Signals does not have crypto solutions


If you were thinking that the forex market includes just forex pairs, then you were wrong. GoldSignals is currently the best gold signals trading group in the industry. They are now the leaders in terms of gold trading signals for the XAU/USD trading pair. 

This is an exclusive trading signals group for the forex market that works as an addition to traditional forex pairs. If you like to trade gold, then GoldSignals is the right trading signals group you should follow. They will be ready to offer some of the most reliable trading signals for XAU/USD traders using their private trading signals Telegram group. 

Due to the fact that gold is becoming increasingly popular among forex traders, we decided to add this trading signals group to our top 5 best forex signals guide. 

The goal behind this trading signals group is to offer profitable signals and expert analysis of the gold market with more than 5 years in trading and 14 years in trading altogether. As they write on their site, their XAUUSD signals are 90% profitable, and their goal is to focus on accuracy for the market. That means that they offer safe and consistent profitability. 


- They have an affordable pricing

- GoldSignals adds the XAU/USD trading pair to forex trading

- Great lifetime offer

- The team behind this trading signals group has over 14 years of experience

- XAU/USD trading signals are 90% profitable

- They send daily trading signals


- GoldSignals, as the name suggests, does not focus on forex trading (only gold)

- 24/5 support rather than 24/7


We finally have our last top 5 best forex signals group. ForexSignals.io review is among the best options in the market to trade in the futures market and currencies. They have more than 15 years of combined experience in the forex industry and they have some of the best solutions for FX, Gold, Indices and cryptocurrency traders. 

Therefore, ForexSignals.io is one of the most complete and reliable forex signals groups available. Indeed, this would be a great trading signal group for those users that want to get access not only to the best forex signals in the world but also to other trading signals (including crypto, gold and indices). 

Thanks to their advanced and educated team with over 15years of experience, ForexSignals.io is one of the top 5 best forex signals groups in the market. They offer all forex pairs such as EUR/USD, USD/CAD and AUD/CHF, among others. 


- They are offering some of the best signals in the industry for forex traders

- There are more than 25,000 followers on their different trading groups

- ForexSignals.io shares daily trading signals

- They are also offering trading signals for gold, indices and cryptocurrencies

- Support 24/7 

- Affordable pricing for investors


- No information about other languages supported