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Stan made things easy and I enjoyed it along the way

After losing for about 3 years, I'm finally profitable

The indicators are acurate and I make a shit loads each day

Crypto seems scary at first but once you understand, its easy

We’re building a strong community of disicplined profitable traders

Most people you've seen talk about trading, doing analysis on youtube or other websites and selling you signals and other crap, have no real world experience of trading, and especially trading size.

Unlike them, I have 2 decades of Wall St. experience and not only that, I put my own money where my mouth is and I show you what trade I take personally with my account and where I'm allowed, accounts of my clients. So stop following youtube teenagers with zero real world trading experience and join us to LEARN TO BE INDEPENDENT.

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I have worked for hedge funds and on WallStreet for well over 10 years, my experience is unmatched, learn from someone who has really been there and done it.

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I took my years of experienced and combined it into a simple tradingview/metatrader indicator which is extremely powerful, we trade trends.

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We have members from all around the world trading everything from Crypto, forex, gold and indices. You will be able to get advice on your positions 24/7.

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Our 10 part video course is an introduction to how I personally trade, we cover psychology, daily rituals, timeframes, patterns, tools support/resistance fibonacci's and more.

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  • 10 part video course
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The right educationcommunity is the basis for success in trading.

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